Friday, August 29, 2008

The Honor of being a MOM

Yesterday I got one of those surprises that Moms of grown children treasure more than anything in the world; my beautiful Princess Sarah and the love of her life, my son-in-law Jon, called me on Skype to chat.

As some of you know, they live in Spain, where they both teach at a school of language. In Europe, a lot of the countries take the entire month of August for "holiday", so on this time off from their jobs, they had family and friends visit, and traveled through Portugal and then Sarah's birthday present to Jon was to take him to Italy- homeland of his family. I took this picture of them as we were saying good-bye on Skype yesterday.

My Sarah is truly a Princess, which is what her name means in Hebrew. She was named after my paternal Mamaw(grandmother), who was the Godliest woman I have ever known. My dream and prayer for my daughter was for her to find a man that was just absolutely in love with her from the depths of his soul. The minute I met Jon for the first time, and saw how he looked at her, I just knew he was THE one. They were engaged for 7 months, and had a wedding that was set in the mountains of Ojai, CA. My Princess got her Prince, and also her Princess wedding.

The other photo is of my son David aka Dude, has now been in boot camp for the US Army for just over a week now, and I anxiously await for the day when they allow them to call family. He is the kind of son that every woman should have - he is definitely a man in every sense of the word, but he's also a Mama's boy, and has been his entire life. He has never been embarassed or ashamed to let his friends know that he loves his mom, and we never went through that phase that some boys go through, when they don't want Mom kissing on them when their friends are around. There are no words to express what that does to my heart!

I am so blessed with the children the Lord has given me. They were a joy to watch grow up - we shared a lot of laughter and fun, and didn't have but a couple of little "kinks" to iron out as they were in high school and trying to make some choices on their own.

Take a look back a few posts on here, and you'll see where in the first chapter of James, I spoke about every good and perfect gift is from the Lord. Proof of that are in the photos I shared today - there is NO higher honor in life for a woman, than to bear the name "MOM".

Have a safe and blessed weekend. Remember to pray for our troops, our leaders, and for the people in the Gulf Coast states of the USA, as they face Hurricane Gustav heading their way.



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Dogpatch Primitives said...

Janelle, I can jsut feel how excited you are to ahve gotten to chat w/ your dear daughter Sarah! You msut be so proud of her, and you ahve every reason to be...such beautiful children you were blessed w/ indeed!

Thank you for the blog award, so sweet of you to think of me ~