Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friends of Excellence!

First of all, I'd like to thank Carla, of, for honoring me with this Primitive Excellence Award!

I pass this award onto:
  1. Sarah - my most beautiful Princess - I love and miss you so much!
  2. Lily, of, for being one of the best friends that the Good Lord has ever given me. I love you Lily Belle! :)
  3. Patty, of, for being such a great leader of TDIPT!
  4. Cookie, of, for always being so supportive and encouraging!
  5. Jen, of, for being a very understanding friend - thanks for always listening Jen!
  6. Pam, of, for always saying something that makes me laugh!
  7. Jan, of, for all your hard work you do for our group, and for all the great templates you've done for me!

God has truly blessed me with some very special people - my life is richer for having you as part of it!



1 comment:

Cookie said...

awww, Janelle - you are so precious to me. I love your stand and your walk... you live your testimony and you are such an example.

thank you sister, for the wonderful and touching award. You are always a blessing ♥