Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wonder of the Cross

First Baptist Church Leesburg, FL
Choir and Orchestra
April 5, 2009

This past Sunday, our choir at First Baptist Church Leesburg, performed our Easter Cantata - "May We Never Lose the Wonder of the Cross".
It was a spectacular arrangment of songs that began with the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and ended with his resurrection.
Kudos to Stephen Wolgamott, our worship leader, for his outstanding leadership in bringing this historical event to life through song.
Before the first performance, Stephen served communion with all those who were in the choir and orchestra........a very profound moment for all. The presence of the Lord was evident from that moment on.

Bill and I just relaxing between performances

Oh nooooooooooooooo....it's Mr. BILLS!

Below are photos of some of the group sharing laughter and FOOD of course - we're Baptists afterall........ :)

Then there were those who needed to "take 5" between performances...lol

The Alto section raises a toast!

You just can't have a function at a Baptist church, where we don't involve food......
Below is our Pastor Cliff Lea and a couple of his boys


Lily said...

Easter blessing, Janelle and Bill. Love, Lily...

kathy said...

Hello Janelle! I haven't posted on your blog for a while, but wanted to stop in and say "hello"! Your pics sure look familiar~Baptist's and their "fellowships"! (: So glad that you had a Blessed Easter, we did too! I always enjoy your blog, you are so talented! Blessings! Kathy