Saturday, April 4, 2009

One More Day

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday - the day we as believers celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, where his followers waved palm branches, shouting "Hosanna".
We at First Baptist Church, Leesburg, will be celebrating as well tomorrow, as we
perform our Easter special - "May We Never Lose the Wonder of the Cross".
It is an outstanding cantata....and we have one awesome worship leader, who has worked so hard with us, to get us to where these songs are as he says, "are not just black words on paper" - but that they come from our hearts.
I am so excited about not only being able to be part of the choir, but also in how this music and the story of Jesus is going to impact those who attend.
I am blessed that some of my sisters are going to come to the performance....that means the world to me!
This Holy Week that we celebrate is a week that changed history - I pray that during this week to come, you will take time to reflect on your life and let the Lord speak to your heart.........


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