Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Such a Time as This

Ever wonder what that statement means in your life? It is the most notable passage from the book of Esther, and we all have our "such a time as this" moments in our life.
We are all who we are and where we are for a reason, and although we might not know at the moment what that reason is, it is up to us to each search out our purpose from the One who created us.
God sees the whole picture - he orchestrates circumstances to fulfill his purposes, and wants us to be right in the middle of his perfect will, so we will know exactly what our "time as this" really is.
I so want to know more about what my purpose in life is - what has the Lord got in store for me today, tomorrow, next week, next year? Whose life will impact me, and whose life will I make some kind of impact on?
I like this statement made by Beth Moore, who wrote this Bible Study on the book of Esther: "You can't amputate your history from your destiny; your destiny is tied to your history".
To me, one who loves jigsaw puzzles, this statement helps me to see that life is like a big jigsaw puzzle - we are all a vital part of it, and each piece has it's place. When all fitted together, it makes a beautiful picture, and is signed by the Creator of Life - Jesus.

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