Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring Fever

Today is such a beautiful day, I should be working out in the yard some, but instead I'm doing some spring cleaning and little early. I get SO clostrophobic when there's clutter, and I managed to start on Saturday by cleaning out from under my bed, to find room to store all the Priority boxes that were delivered last week and were taking up half the living
I vacuumed blinds, window sills, lampshades, and even pulled out that gianormous sectional in the living room and found about 2 - 3 litters of husky puppies back there... I tell ya, I just don't know how this beautiful dog of mine can shed so much, and still have SO much hair!
While vacuuming the blinds in the living room, which were just those little matchstick bamboo kind, one broke, so I yanked them both down and carried them to the curb, just in time for the garbage man to haul them away. It felt SO good to purge just that one thing from the living room - the room seemed to open up with the extra amount of sunlight that was coming through the windows.
I've also been wanting to change out the window treatments in there for some time, so down came the valance, and I began to sew panels with some wonderful "General Store Ticking" Waverly fabric I found at a thrift store, and a solid light sage coordinating fabric, also found at a different thrift store. I think I might have a whopping $5 invested in the total amount of fabric. Not bad, when the ticking fabric at JoAnn's runs about $27 yd!
The solid sage fabric wasn't quite enough to be full across the windows, so I took about a 6 1/2" strip of the stripe and made a band that will be on the inside, where the two panels meet. I would like to make some kind of valance out of the stripe - something simple - maybe just tuck and staple it onto a 1x6 and mount it with L brackets.
Frustration set in big time, when I realized I didn't have enough of the 90" wide muslin that I was using to line the panels with. I am so anal about some things - if I start a project, I like to finish it, and now this is going to have to wait another day or two, until I can get to J0Ann's to get more muslin, then sew up the other panel.
I just sent a note to my Sweetheart on Facebook, telling him that I have a little project I'm going to need his help with this coming weekend - we'll see how long it takes him to respond back on that one! lol I just can't hang curtains by myself; I'm only 5 ft. tall, and even on a ladder, it's just awkward for me, so I have this wonderful 6'3" hubby who never minds helping me with projects that are too "big" for me... :)
If they turn out like I see them in my head, and I am pleased with them, then I'll post pics after they're hung.

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mary said...

Wow! You got so much done this week! I can't wait to see pictures of the new curtains. I just hung new curtains in my living room last week. They make me happy everytime I walk in my house. Have a blessed week.