Monday, December 8, 2008

The Countdown is On!

Good Monday Morning!
I'm anxiously awaiting for Wednesday morning to get here, so we can head up to Fort Benning, GA, to see Dude graduate from Army Basic Training. He called me Saturday night, and sounded excited in getting to see his family come up for the momentous time in his life.
Today will be spent packing up some WARM clothes, as the ceremonies will be held outside, and it's been rather cold there lately.
I pray that the next 6 years or so that he's contracted to be in the Army National Guard Reserves, that he'll not have to call me one day to tell me that he's being sent overseas. He's ready to go if they do call him, but as his mama, that horrifies me.
I told him Saturday when we were discussing this possibility, that I have to keep remembering back to Mother's Day 1981, when his father and I took him and Sarah to the platform of First Baptist Church - Orlando, and dedicated them to the Lord. I told him that I know the Lord has him in His hands, and that is what I have to hold onto in order to have peace.
Please pray not only for my son, but for all the other sons and daughters who serve our country. Also, don't forget to pray for their families - husbands and wives, children, and parents!
Have a blessed Monday....



mary said...

Our middle son, Matthew, contemplated going into the Marines about a year ago. I actually had a dream that I placed him in God's arms and walked away in total peace. That dream and the assurance that God loves my children deeply kept me going though my days without fear. I will be praying thst you have a fun weekend with your son, and that you can rest in peace every night knowing that he is in very good hands.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Janelle, I will be praying for your precious son. Hope you have a lovely time. I know you'll be so proud of him!

Blessings and joy,