Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Light Up Leesburg"

Last night our town had it's annual "Light Up Leesburg" festival on Main St.
Main St. is closed down, and filled with lots of fun things for the whole family to enjoy. There are carnival type rides and games for the kids - who doesn't love a good ole game of Skeeball?

There is a stage set up in front of City Hall on the town square, where the local dance troupes perform their Christmas routines.
Uncle Donald's Farm brings in some of their animals for a petting zoo.
A New Orleans style Jazz Ensemble entertains the crowd with lively music.
Street performers - stilt walkers dressed up as a giant butterfly, and a enormous "tin soldier" - seen here handing out candy to a youngster, fascinated by his size.
One of my favorites was the Strolling Carolers, all dressed in Vintage Victorian costumes. Their harmonies in singing all the beautiful songs of Christmas was remarkable; I could have stood there all night listening to them!
While looking in the shop windows at all the beautiful Christmas displays, I came across this and just had to take a photo of it! You know me, and my love of Huskies! This is in the front window of an upscale boutique, which has been in business for years.
Another storefront - the studio of Myron Leggett, was fascinating to stand in front of, as Myron was working his magic on a portrait of two children. He is one of the best photographers I've ever seen, and then he does oil paintings of the photographs. Maybe one day if I win the lottery, I could afford to get one done!

What child, or me, could resist the thrill of seeing Santa? He saw me trying to get in a position to take his photo, without his assistant stepping in front of me, as she already had several times! As soon as she stepped to the side, he gave me this:
After we finished our stroll down Main St., we got back into the car and drove over to Venetian Gardens; a few blocks from downtown on Lake Harris, Venetian Gardens is a series of islands connected by bridges. They decorate the front island as "The North Pole", and there is Christmas music playing - causing everyone to sing along as they stroll among the different displays . The first picture in this post is the sign that welcomes you to the park.
The large southern Oaks, full of Spanish moss, also held crosses of white lights, a soldier who was probably 15 or 20 ft. tall, and I wish this picture showed better how beautiful they were as they reflected into the canals.

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of my little town. I'm so glad that I live in a place that is still small enough to celebrate the Christmas holidays in an old fashioned tradition.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh Janelle I wish I could have been there, its wonderful!

Cookie said...

I love it all!
Here in Kansas City we have the Plaza Lights which is a tradition on Thanksgiving day. They start stringing the lights on Aug. 1st to be ready for the lighting ceremony and this year, our very own David Cook was there to do the honors.

Now I love your pics, Sissy! Everything is so beautiful and it wouldnt take me long at all to get used to a 70ยบ christmas :)

This seals the deal... I'm coming to spend the night and then I'll go visit Jinx while I'm in the neighborhood!!

mary said...

What a wonderful celebration your town hosts every year! Our small city used to do more, but now we just have a light parade downtown. Hopefully, it won't be too cold this year and we can take the little ones. Don't you just love Skype!!!! We used it during our trip for Mason's adoption in China. We phoned our children everyday for 2 weeks and spent just $10 in long distance calls. Technology is amazing! Thank you for sharing your great pictures.

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Lovely pictures Janelle ~ Looks like such a fun time! Thank you for sharing with us :) xox

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh Janelle, I felt like I was there!! Those are beautiful pictures!!