Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As I sit here sewing, I have Fox News on, and I am OUTRAGED at the last story that just aired.
My children were not allowed to pray or mention Jesus or anything related to Christianity when they were in school, and I just watched this report where in San Francisco, a 1st grade class DURING SCHOOL HOURS, were taken to City Hall, not for a tour or teaching about government, but to witness and shower with rose petals, their teacher and her lesbian partner at their wedding ceremony.
The two people they were interviewing on Fox were both defense attorneys and one said that there was nothing wrong with this, that it was teaching the children "tolerance", and that the earlier we teach them, the better they are to accept such things.
HELLO??????????????? We have people who can do this and call it "educational", we have people who can fight to get God's name out of our pledge, and children are made to learn about every other religion out there other than Christianity, but to even THINK about praying to Jesus, or to celebrate his birth at Christmas, or his death and resurrection at Easter is NOT "tolerable"?
God help us....with attitudes and mindsets like this in our country, we are surely setting ourselves up for all that I've been trying to show from the first four chapters of Jeremiah...God will not bless or have mercy on our land forever, if we continue to allow such things that are equal to spitting in his face.

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