Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Tragic Day in History

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It was 09/11/01, and I was living out in Los Angeles. I never got up before 8 or so, and for some reason on that morning, I woke up a little after 4 a.m. Instead of tossing and turning in the bed, I got up and walked over to the donut shop and grabbed a cup of coffee and donut, to take back to my apartment and watch the local early news.
Within minutes of turning the tv on, they said they were going to cut into the local programming and go live to the Today show. I knew this was never done, and something had to be going on over on the east coast somewhere for them to put a live feed in.
As soon as they broke into the local programming, there it was - I was watching an airplane flying into the first tower - the broadcasters were all yelling and asking each other what was going on; was it an accident? Not too long after that, while everyone was still trying to figure out why or how a plane was crashing into the tower, the second plane was banking and then slammed right into the second tower.
My heart sank, I went numb and knew in my heart that this was no accident. I sat there with my mouth open, not even knowing what to pray other than "God Help Us"! My first thought was that Los Angeles was next. I immediately thought of my children in Nashville - would I ever see them again if these terrorists had planned another attack?
I don't remember what I prayed, but I know I was praying for our country in a way I'd never done before.
When the towers collapsed, I knew that not only was it not an accident, but that it had someone behind it who had structural and electrical engineering expertise. I had worked for a very large engineering firm in Los Angeles, and just knew that this had been well thought out and planned.
We have been safe the last seven years, and I think more credit needs to be given to President Bush for that. No, he hasn't been the perfect President, but on 09/11/01, he was right there in the midst of all that - he brought our country together - patriotism was high!
We need to push our leaders; those in congress and in the White House, for stricter laws regarding our borders. We allow way too many people to slide into this country through our borders. We do not need anything like this to happen again.
My prayers today are for those families who suffer grief from the loss they had on 9/11.


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