Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the Political Scene

History was made last night - the first woman in the Republican party to ever be nominated for the ticket for the Presidential campaign gave her speech, and WHAT a speech it was! I am so impressed with the character and moral stance of this woman, and am nauseated by the way the liberal media has tried to assasinate her character, her experience, but mostly her family.

I think she is the biggest nightmare of those who are so to the left - she embodies everything that they stand against, and it seems they know she is a threat to changing some of the laws and practices that have come into Washington in the last couple of decades.

I love the line from her speech where she says, "You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? LIPSTICK"!

I'm glad we have someone like her who isn't afraid to take on the "big boys" of the beltway. And as Rudy said last night,(paraphrased)How DARE they attack her and question her ability to be a mom and an executive....they'd NEVER say that about a man! GO RUDY!!

Thank GOD for Sarah Palin - and for Sen. McCain asking her to run on the ticket with him.

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