Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aren't Babies Wonderful?

Today I finished a diaper bag I am going to be giving to my niece Angie, who is due to have her first child Alexa, sometime around the middle of November. Her older sister Allison received one of my bags when she had her first child, Abby, and so it's expected from "Aunt Nenelle" whenever there is a celebrated event, to make something special, and I so enjoy doing it.

I would much rather give a gift that I've put my heart in and hand to, than to go out and purchase something that any number of people could have an identical one to.

I found Angie's registry, and she's decided to do Alexa's room in lavender gingham and butterflies. When going through endless bolts of fabric in Joann's, all the fabric I saw with butterflies on it either looked like "old lady" fabric, or had glitter; neither of which would work, so I found this fabric with multi-colored balls that look like pastel gumballs, and a butterfly applique with coordinating colors,that I think will go perfectly.
It is lined, and has 3 pockets inside for tucking in all the baby necessities, and also has 2 pockets on each end on the outside of the bag, for all those things one needs to get to quickly!

I am anxiously awaiting the day when my Sarah calls to tell Mom that she is "with child", and believe me - my sewing machine will be running non stop! That child will never need anything as far as clothing or diaper bags, changing pads - you name it, this Grammy is going to be making it! Same as with when Dude marries and announces that he's going to be a daddy. There is no greater joy than when one of your own children blesses you with a child.....and now I need to stop all this blabbing, or I'm going to be one huge crying mess!


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