Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well I last blogged about having faith tested in trials, and mine surely is being tested right now!

In less than a month, I will be turning 50. It's not a traumatic event - I'm pretty excited about it, and also about the party my oldest sister is going to be throwing in my honor.

I ask myself, "how did I get here so fast"? I notice that with each year that passes, I'm not able to bounce back as quickly when I get hurt or if I get sick, but I am developing a more peaceful attitude towards life; so contrary to my high strung nature I've always had.

I am praying for God's peace to flood all over me in the next week or so. In addition to the emotional trials I'm wrestling with regarding my son going off to boot camp, I have some health issues that are somewhat fearful, and I don't want to let fear get hold of me.

I trust the Lord with my salvation, so why is it so hard at times to trust him with things like our health, etc.? I tend to believe that it all comes down to an "I can handle this one by myself" attitude, and as surely as I (we) do, then it seems to open the door for fear and all it's buddies to come in and invade our sense of peace.

I have decided that my stance is going to be this - no matter what the outcome of some tests I have to have run this week, God is still in control and will get me through it, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Perserverance is seeking to become my dear, close friend. I intend to embrace that friendship, and strive to seek the Lord more and more in order that I don't allow Fear to butt in and try to take its place.



DaisysDesigns said...

Janelle, are you Ok? I miss you and think of you often...I hope you are ok. You're in my thoughts and prayers...

Cookie said...

50 ? Piece of cake sweet sister - you can do it with both hands tied behind your back and blindfold to boot....
now, going one night without the olympics? thats an entirely different story!

Keep me posted on your tests and know I'm lifting you up to the true Physician! ♥