Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Countdown

I was having what I call a "Mommy Moment" yesterday - they seem to come more frequently the older my kids get. My beautiful son David - whom I've always called "Dude", will be leaving for bootcamp on Aug. 20. That is now less than two weeks away, and the anxious feelings have started to invade the sense of peace I've had about this whole thing since finding out that he had signed up for the U.S. Army.

I called his cell phone, which went to his voicemail, so I figured he must be at work, and left him a message to call his "mama", because she was getting anxious and needed to hear his voice. A few minutes later, my phone rang, and there it showed "Dude" was on the other end. I couldn't answer it fast enough!

We had a wonderful talk - I shared with him again, how proud of him I am, but also that feelings of anxiety were starting to overwhelm me. I asked him to Skype me before he leaves, and he said he'd already had his internet service disconnected. Well I know that he'll be going to his dad's house before departure, to visit with him, so I told him to make sure he gets on his dad's computer and Skype me from there. I just HAVE to see my son before he goes off to Basic Training for several months.

When I was pregnant with my beautiful son, I heard the Lord say to me, "He will be more of a blessing than you can ever imagine". The Lord has proved those words to me over and over again throughout Dude's life, and the older he gets - the more amazing he gets! My little boy is a grown man of 26 years, and the pride I take in being his mother is stronger than I have words for.

I find myself running to the Lord more and more these days, as "The Countdown" begins. I see commercials on TV about the Army, and how parents can go online to find out more about what their son or daughter will achieve by enlisting in our armed forces. I feel the tears well up in my eyes, and fear starts knocking on the door of my heart, and I have to run to my Father to pull me up into His arms for strength, peace and comfort.

Please remember to pray for all of our sons and daughters who have chosen to be a part of our country's armed forces. This isn't a draft - they are making this decision on their own, and we owe every bit of freedom we have as American's to each one of them.

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