Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday I spoke of the riches found in Christ Jesus. A childhood friend of me and my sisters died yesterday, and she now knows the fullness of the riches found in Him.
She was adopted by Southern Baptist missionaries when she was a few weeks old, and got to live in numerous places in her early childhood, then moved here as a pre-teen, and they worshipped at the same church we went to.
She was slightly mentally retarded, but was able to comprehend the gospel, and knew Jesus personally. She attended church and Bible studies, participated in youth groups, and later in life she met a wonderful man who was absolutely in love with her, and they just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary.
When we went to visit her in Hospice, we reminisced of our childhood days, and spoke about the Lord and who He is in each of our lives. We laughed and I am so thankful I got to spend some time with her before she passed from this life onto her life in Heaven.
Am I sad because of her passing? Yes, but I am also rejoicing because I know when she entered through the gates of Heaven, she saw Jesus face to face, and she is no longer retarded, no longer has the health issues she had here on earth - she is alive in Christ, and is with Him.
That is the hope that we all as believers have - that this life on earth is temporary, and once we leave here, we will be in perfect Peace with the One who IS Perfect Peace.
May your Friday be one full of God's blessings, and I pray that if you don't know for sure that you would enter through those gates of Heaven , that you would not delay any longer, but would make the decision today to trust in Jesus to be your Savior. We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so live today as though it is your last.


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