Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's for the Birds

I just finished another couple of birds that will be listed on Ebay come Sunday, Feb. 21 for the TDIPT launch, "Birds of a Feather Create Together".
The bluebird is a little more simple than the painted Robin.....but I'm liking the way it has turned out :)

I've taken a sneak peek at some other offerings by the other artists, and lemme tell ya -
there are some awesome works
making the Ebay scene Sunday!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Janelle,

Cute bird creations . . thanks for stopping by and I sure appreciate the offer of prayer. God always seems to blessed everything in front us when we put him first. I'll pray for sales for both us too . . have a good day!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Janelle,

"Rabcat01", not Sisters of Season, don't ask, it's a long story. The mini Etsy on my website will link you. Thanks again!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

love your birds Janelle. Up here in the north, that Robin is a welcome sight!

The Prairie House Primitives said...

YOur birdies look great Janelle! Hope you get lots of sales!!!

Janelle said...

Thanks y''s been a lot of fun, and if they do well, I'll make more for my website, Etsy...and maybe Ebay (if it's not like it HAS