Saturday, September 5, 2009

Purging Some of My Supplies n Things

Every now and then, I have to, I'm not making myself throw up after eating or anything crazy like that...
I just accumulate sooooooo much stuff, and I feel like I'm suffocating, so I'm going through my supplies and "what nots" that I find at thrift stores, etc., and putting them on Ebay.

The first item is a beautiful teal wool lap blanket. It only measures 27"x50", so it's got to either be a children's blanket or a cutter. I bought it because I just can't pass up a wool blanket when I see one, but then I got it home and nothing I make ever seems to incorporate this color....
Click Here to See the Listing
Opening bid is only $4.99!

The second item I listed is this adorable little star shaped wire purse, which could be hung in a vanity or dressing area, or as one friend said, in a bathroom with soaps and other goodies.
Click Here to See the Listing
Opening bid is only $3.99!

Stay tuned....I'm just beginning to
Who knows what all I'll find hidden away in one of my many storage boxes or hall closet?


Shelley said...

Hi Janelle,I soooo...need to this this. I have so many goodies I could offer. Good luck with your listings. Have a blessed Lord's day.....

Shelley said... this