Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Gun 2009

I was filthy, exhausted, but probably the most excited person at Top Gun - I was honored by Mike Selby's F-111 team, by receiving a team T-shirt - felt like a 5 year old at Christmas....lol
Bill and I at the Awards Banquet
Lek and Mike Selby with Bill and I at the Awards Banquet

Another new friend I made this year - Bogo, who is from Slavania. He's on the Selby F-111 Crew

My friend Mike Selby and I with his F-111 Aardvark
This jet was AMAZING!

Me with Frank Tiano - the founder of Top Gun

Me and my new friend Colleen, from Texas, just relaxing in the shade

Bill and I with Mitch Epstein's Waco

This past week, Bill and I went down to Lakeland (about an hour from here) to the 21st annual Top Gun RC Air Show - an international, invitation only RC Scale competition, that brings the best of the best to exhibit their skills.
I got to meet a lot of new friends from all over the world, and had the TIME of my life! :)
I learned a little more about what Bill's role as an outline judge for the static part of the competition is all about, and witnessed perfection in RC scale airplane building.

I took WAY too many photos to post, but wanted to share a few with you.


bayrayschild said...

Hi girlfriend!

Bill had to be one of the proudest husbands there cause you are looking good girl!

Sure looks like you enjoyed youself.
Those planes are amazing!

Glad you're back!
Hugs, Audrey

Cookie said...

wowie zowie - those models planes (would i be shot for calling them that??) are amazing - just like you, punkin!

Glad you had such a great time away ... you were missed ♥

(ps: those lazy afternoons at lala's paid off - you look fab!)

Anonymous said...

Janelle~Sounds like a fun time and you look great! I need to get in shape and look as fit as you! so pretty! (:

Carol Roll said...

Janelle you are so cute!! Looks like you and the hubs had a wonderful time!

Lily said...

Hi, Janelle
I enjoyed all the great pics that you posted. The one of you and Bill (all "gussied up") is just beautiful. Hope all is well with you.

Hugs from Miss Lily Belle Lee...

Dogpatch Primitives said...

looks like you ahd such a great time Janelle, and you are just a little doll!

The Prairie House Primitives said...

Looks like you sure had fun and met lots of new friends!!! Neato planes too!!!

mary said...

What a fun time! I know absolutely nothing about anything you saw, but it still looks like fun :)