Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Whole New Appreciation

I had all intentions of going to the annual Leesburg Fine Art Fest this weekend, but those plans got washed away - literally!

Saturday morning I was in the living room doing my yoga - ahhhhhh, nice and stretched - relaxed to the I thought!

I'd noticed Bill going in and out a few times, and when I finished up my workout, I headed down the hall to get showered and ready to start my day. I noticed some water about midway down the hall and yelled out to Bill to get him to come see if he could figure out where all this water was coming from. It was under the door where the A/C unit is, so I thought maybe it had gotten backed up or something.

Well..............Bill goes into the bedroom, with me just steps behind him, and my entire bedroom floor was under water! The "tawlet" in the small bathroom off the master had run to overflowing, and it had to have been doing so for about 10 - 15 minutes. I can't even guess as to how many gallons of water were not only in my bedroom, but had also gone under the wall and into my sewing room as well.

Out came the Shop Vac, and I'm thinking that this might not take so long afterall - WRONG! The vac holds about 5 gallons, and I think I lost count when Bill had dumped it out 10 - 12 times. While one of us was using the vac, the other was diligently putting down chamois to sop up as much as possible.

What I thought was gonna be a couple of hours of very intense manual labor, ended up going til well after supper time, and continues even today. I've got all the windows open, fans blowing full speed, and we've even resorted to turning on a small space heater on some of the areas that were closest to the geyser of water from the bathroom.

I tell ya - those guys like Stanley Steamer, Chem Dry, etc., SURE have a whole lot more respect from me than I ever thought possible! Every muscle in my body hurts and I've got bruises all over my legs from moving furniture, and hauling that shop vac full of water around from area to area.

NEVER again do I want to have to do this kind of labor again! It also has given me more compassion for those who fall victim to flooding - I never fully understood the devastation they faced when all they own is under water and destroyed.

So I guess my weekend wasn't wasted afterall - I learned appreciation and compassion - two things that I think we can all use a little more of!

Have a blessed Sunday........................ Janelle

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mary said...

Whew! You had a doozy of a day! We had a major underground pipe leak in our kitchen last year, and it was a mess for weeks. My kitchen cabinets were in my dining room and the countertops were in the garage - aaaaghh! I am praying that your house is back in order and that your bruises heal quickly :)