Saturday, February 7, 2009

Everybody Say Cheese...or is that Chocolate?

Today the women of my church are throwing a baby shower for our worship leader's wife, Jennifer. Many of the women in the different choirs, as well as other women in the church, are hosting this time to welcome in Stephen and Jennifer's baby girl Natalie, who is due in March.

In our planning meeting, we decided to do a theme centered on chocolate, since it's Jennifer's favorite.....that's my kind of girl! :)

A few of us got together this past Tuesday morning to make ice cream balls - a mixture of crunched up Cocoa Puffs and pink sprinkles are rolled onto vanilla ice cream balls, and they really turned out cute! There will also be brownies topped with pink M&M's, chocolate dipped strawberries, and then a few salty things such as mixed nuts, pretzels, etc.

So this whole theme turned into white/pink/brown, and I volunteered to make some wool bunnies for table decorations. There are 4 pink with chocolate brown vintage velvet ears, and 4 brown, with tan vintage velvet ears. They have coordinating simple bows tied around their necks. We will tie pink balloons onto their arms and I'm not sure yet as to what else will be brought in to accessorize the tables, but I think it's going to be very girlie and very cute.

In keeping with the pink/white/brown theme, I made a wool penny rug/wall hanging not long ago, that just turned out to be what I think, is the perfect gift - I just hope she thinks so too! :)

Nothing in the world can bring joy to one's life like a baby - I know that Natalie Ann will be raised in a very loving, Christian home, that is sure to be filled with a lot of laughter as well, as I've never seen anyone who carries the joy and excitement for our Lord as her daddy Stephen, does.

I wrote this Psalm on the card I made for Jennifer

Psalm 8:2 - "From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise..."


Lily said...

Sounds like ya'll are going to have a wonderful party.

Love those bunny!

Blessings, Lily...

Cookie said...

you are such a treasure and a joy to everyone. You have made this occassion so very special for both mama and baby!

bless your dear heart, Nellie - you have a crown waiting for you ♥