Friday, January 30, 2009

The Power of Music

Ya know how when you hear a certain song, it takes you to a moment in time?
If I listen to classic rock of the 70's, I am immediately taken back to my days at Leesburg High, and the fond memories of those days flood my mind. I was blessed to grow up in a small town, where everyone knew everyone, and have many friends that are still around here in little Leesburg. Some have moved away, but thanks to the technology of our day, we are still able to reconnect through email and places like Facebook. The songs we grew up with are still around today, and it's nice to go back every now and then to a time of youth!
Today it's cold and dreary here - yesterday we ran the air conditioning, and today I had to switch it over to the heat. I needed some motivation to sew and to chase away the winter blues, so I opened up my blog and had my spirit refreshed and inspired by the list of Christian music ranging from songs and groups that my kids turned me onto in the 90's, through some more current songs now played on Christian radio.
Music has a powerful influence on our lives - thank God for the gift he's given to those who compose songs that take us to a place of knowing that He is the most important part of our life, and when we focus on Him, everything else just seems to fade away.
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend! :)



Cookie said...

You know I love me some Third Day, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns etc... but I'm just an old hippie stuck in the 60's and nothing moves my soul like the awesome classic stuff!

mary said...

We have been listening to hymns at our house this week. Molly and Madelyn have gone around humming some of my oooooolllldddd favorites - too sweet! Have a wonderful weekend.