Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simple Times and Simple Joys

As I said in my post this morning about how I so enjoyed growing up in a time when things were more simple, I guess that kinda got stuck in my head, so today I just wanted to work on just some plain ole simple things.

I pulled out some nappy faux sheep's wool, some stained muslin, and some vintage feed sack, and finally found a use for these rusty old square nails! The farm animals are for sale on Etsy, and I put the simple doll on Ebay.

I'm thinking I need to find some kind of old spools or something similar in all my boxes of "stuff", and see if I can't come up with how to make some of these into pull toys.

Thanks for looking!


1 comment:

~Tonya said...

Pull toys would be adorable Janelle. Your lil animals look so sweet now, but I do love pull toys.

Thank you for the kind words about my Miss Cassie. She will be sadly missed.