Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Greetings


Last night, we went to my sister Deb's house for a family Christmas Eve gathering, and it was wonderful to spend time not only with my sisters who live here in Florida, but also some of my nieces and their families as well.

Let me share my beautiful family with you -

The Willis Girls
Judy, Kathy, Deb, Janelle

The men in our lives -
Wallace - Judy's husband, Bill - my husband, and Jim - Deb's husband
My niece Allison, Abby and Adam
They will have one more addition to their family before next Christmas!

My niece Angie, Lexi and James

Deb and her girls, Allison and Angie

My turn holding baby Lexi

LaLa's turn holding baby Lexi

Proud Nana with her two baby girls

Wallace with his baby girl, Mary

LaLa, Mary and Deb enjoying some dessert

Now the ONLY thing missing, were my family - We have kids and grandkids in Nashville, and Sarah and Jon live in Lugo, Spain.

Maybe one of these days, I'll be able to get EVERYONE together all at once!




~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Merry Christmas Janelle! These are great pictures and you have such a good looking family. You girls are all very pretty, no shortage on looks in your fam.~~Pam

Janelle said...

Thanks Pam....This one old guy that's one of Deb's neighbors was there, and he kept getting me and Deb confused, and we don't think we look ANYTHING alike!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas


Lily said...

Wonderful family pics. Love, Lily...

Sharon Stevens said...

great pictures, Janelle. Where was Ann in the gathering. You girls are SO gorgeous!! I would love to have that many sisters and then to be able to live around them would be awesome. I have 1 sister 12 years younger than me but we live over 2,000 miles from each other

Janelle said...

Ann and her family already had plans for the night - her church has a long candlelight service, then they were going to do something with her boys and grandkids..
The reason I moved back to Florida was to be near my sisters...and I am so thankful for all of them -


mary said...

Merry day after Christmas Janelle! What wonderful pictures of a special day with family. I love, love having a big family -
especially this time of year. Have a peaceful and blessed New Year!!!!

~Tonya said...

Merry Christmas Season to you to Janelle!

Looks like you had a wonderful day with lots to share. Such pretty pictures.


Cookie said...

What a good looking bunch! Merry Christmas, sweets ♥