Monday, November 10, 2008

My Siberian Husky - Luk Luk

Five and half years ago on Easter Sunday, Bill & I had only been married a couple of months, and we were out enjoying an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day on our boat, and he says, "How about we go put the boat up and go find us a dog?"
So after getting the boat back in the racks at the dry storage, we pulled out the Sunday paper and found an ad for Siberian Huskies for sale down in Shelbyville, TN.; about an hour and a half south of Nashville.
We had to drive wayyyyyyyyyy out into the boonies to this breeder's property, and it felt kind of like we were in a scene from "Deliverance", but this woman had the most beautiful 8 week old husky puppies!
I didn't know anything about the breed, and when I asked if I would be safe to get in the pen with the mother and her puppies, the owner looked at me like............ DUH....She said that the mother would love me to come in there with them because Huskies THRIVE on affection.
No sooner than I'd gotten in there with the mother and two little girl puppies and one boy, I picked up the boy and he wrapped his front arms around my neck and started kissing my face.
I said, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Billllllllllllllllll".....he knew by the look on my face that I'd found the one I wanted, and the one who wanted me.
His father was a champion named Shiloh, and we named ours Shiloh's Lucky Ace of Clubs aka "Luk Luk".
This beautiful boy quickly became a HUGE part of our family, and has given us so many laughs...Huskies are true clowns; they have a very strong pack drive, and want and need a LOT of affection! And believe me - they give back more than they receive!
I've never seen such intelligence in a dog either! My gosh, this dog understands EVERY single word we say, and if you know anything about this breed, you know that they can carry on a conversation with anyone willing to do
When we went to the car show yesterday, I found him a new Husky puppy. He's already "killed" the other ones that I've brought home to him, so he was due a new one.
When he first gets a new puppy, he has to blind it by removing it's eyes. Next, he rips it open at the throat and pulls all the stuffing out of it's head. The strangest part about that is that they are such lovable creatures, and wouldn't hurt a thing. Maybe it's being so closely related to wolves that make him do that - I don't know.
To top it off - when he first got a new puppy when he was a puppy himself, he was biting out the stuffing and I told him, "Spit that out" and that he did! HOW he understood what I was saying, again I don't know.
I could go on for days on end about this baby boy of mine, and by the time I got through telling you all he can say and do, you'd truly believe I had totally lost my mind!
A husky is the kind of dog that allows its owners to live in the same we tell him to "go get a good spot", this is usually where he can be found - he's taken over the couch, the bed - wherever he wants, WHENEVER he wants :) Ask any Husky owner, and they'll tell you similar stories though...........


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

So glad I found your journal. We share a love of Christ AND a love of prims.


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

He is so handsome. Give luk Luk a big hig for me.