Monday, November 24, 2008

The Christmas Tree is UP!

Today after doing my running around I decided I wanted to turn on some Christmas music and set my mood for decorating the living room for Christmas. I usually do this on the day after Thanksgiving, but this year my oldest sister LaLa is coming over for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to have the house decorated for that.

Tonight when Bill got home after work, we ate supper and then he helped me get our Christmas tree up and decorated.

It's decorated in red, white and gold glass ornamants; some being vintage ones that I've collected from my ventures to the local thrift stores and yard sales.

Also adorning our tree are:
  • some small cinnamon stars and cookie shaped ornaments, sprinkled with German glass glitter and tied with natural raffia

  • fabric candy canes I made

  • reproduction vintage postcards of Santa

Underneath and beside the tree are two larger Santas - one being the one my sister LaLa made me, that I blogged about a few days ago. I've put one of my large stick horses that I did in a great cranberry red, inside his right elbow.

The other Santa is one that I made, that I'm glad didn't sell! He was featured on: so I'm glad that I get to keep him and pass him on to my children and grandchildren! He's sitting atop an RC Harley that Santa brought Bill a few years ago.

Our tree is topped by:

Everyone who knows me really well, knows that I just love Tinkerbell, and a couple of years ago we found this topper at Disney Village in their Christmas shop that's open year round. She's no longer in production, so I really treasure her even more!

To the right of the tree, I have a small distressed black table, on which I put my collection of all my favorite vintage Santas I've been gathering little by little. I think my most favorite out of all these is the one who is sitting in the sled with his hands under his knees. He was calling out to me in one of our local thrift stores... :)

I tend to move things around a LOT before I'm completely happy with the way they are arranged, but for now - this is how it's going to be!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Your tree is sooo very pretty, the only way it could have been better is if ole Luk Luk was under it. :)
Hugs ♥~~Pam

mary said...

What a beautiful tree! I am hoping to get ours up the day after Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week!

Jennifer B. said...

Oh Janelle your tree looks beautiful!!!