Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday at the Hurts

What started out as a rainy, dreary Saturday morning, has turned into a beautiful day here in Central FL, and I hope that we will be getting a cool front in through here, so we have at least a couple of days of something other than HOT! We have seasons here - "purdy hot", "hot" and "suffocatin hot". :) I shouldn't complain - we never have to deal with snow and/or ice, and I do get to wear flip flops just about year round.
Bill and I got out and ran by a few stores to pick up some things we needed around the house, then when we got home, he hung a curtain rod for me, so I could hang a valance in my sewing room. This valance is Waverly fabric, which is really good fabric, and I found it along with another huge piece of a different Waverly fabric, at a local thrift store for a mere $4.00! That was a real blessing from the Lord!
He also blessed me again last night, with an unexpected goodie for our screen porch, which is a rather large porch, measuring about 25'x25'. Bill works at a cabinet/countertop shop, and they had a customer who didn't want this particular solid surface countertop, called a "batwing" shape, so they were just going to trash it. The owner and one of the installers came by with it last night, along with two cabinets for it to sit on. It is just BEAUTIFUL, and as soon as Bill finishes the cabinets with either a walnut or maple finish for me, I'll post pics. I can't even imagine what this would cost if I were to order one - and I'd like to one day be able to afford matching countertops to replace the old tile ones I have in my kitchen.
The Lord is so good, and it's the things that we don't expect, that are the biggest blessings of all!
I hope you are enjoying a wonderful autumn day, and remember to give thanks for the little things!


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