Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Love for Santa and All Things Old

Oh today was a wonderful day! I picked up my oldest sister, who doesn't drive, and took her to run some of her errands. After that, we went thrift store hopping - something all of my sisters and I just LOVE to do! The ones we go to, all are run by local churches, and one is a store for Habitat for Humanity, so the money they get goes to good causes.
I found some great fur fabrics to use for Santa beards, a red and white throw ( I LOVE RED), an old wooden bowl, some little vintage Santa ornies that I collect.
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, because I found an aluminum Christmas tree, like I had when I was a little girl in the early 60s, but it was broken in a couple of spots, so I passed on that and got a small white table top sized one to put on my screeen porch, to fill with vintage ornies.
My best "scores" of the day were these that I'm posting pics of - Santa is my favorite thing to collect, and anything old and beat up are right up there with him on my list!
Normally I don't look at the purses and handbags, because my dear Hubby bought me a beautiful Coach handbag a few years ago, and I rarely use anything else, but when I saw this alligator (might be croc) handbag, I just HAD to have it! It's in MINT condition, inside and out, and costs me a whole 50 cents! It reminded me of something my mother would have had, and probably the shoes to go with it too. Had I have found the matching shoes in my size, they'd now be living here in my home as

I can't wait to get started decorating for Christmas!!! If I had the room here, I'd leave one section of the living room or my spare room as my "Christmas Room". I don't think my houseguests would much like to stay in a room filled with a Christmas Tree and decorations when they come to visist though!

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