Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Stockings For Sale

Well I just finished and listed these three stockings on Ebay. I'm selling them for $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

They are made with a wonderful diamond print upholtery fabric, which I've stained with a coffee/cinnamon mixture, and filled with goodies.

Perfect for your Christmas decor, or would make a great gift for someone special!
Click on the link below to get yours!

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Shay said...

How adorable!
I just found your blog through Cookie! I have to say I saw your post that you are from Leesburg! I use to live in Leesburg when I was much younger. My parents moved us there when my father took a job with the paper! We actually lived outside of Tavares near Howie in the Hills....I just loved it there! I'll be back to read more! Have a wonderful weekend!