Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An ARMY Mom's Pride

Brrrrrr! It was only in the 40's here this morning, and hasn't warmed up much since getting up earlier. The house smells so wonderful - I have a big pot of vegetable beef soup going, and will let it slow cook all day, and have it for supper tonight.
Yesterday, I got the most wonderful package from the U.S. Army. It contained bumper stickers, lapel pins that have a star and say, "ARMY" and "PARENT". Bill and I will both proudly wear our pins daily, to show our pride in Dude. Also included were a letter to me as the mom of an American soldier, and a certificate, honoring me for my pride and support of my son, as he trains to be one of America's finest.
I was opening the package as Bill and I were driving to the library to do early voting, and I was trying to read the letter and the certificate out loud to Bill, and I just couldn't hold back the tears. The pride in my son continues to grow daily, and has done so since I gave birth to him 26 years ago.
In my letter to him today, I told him that when I was pregnant with him, the Lord spoke to me and said, "He will be more of a blessing than you can ever imagine". The Lord has continually proved that to me over and over again throughout Dude's life. He was such a loving child - I used to call him, "Sweet Thing", and we had a little game we'd play where I'd say, "Where's my Sweet Thing"?, and he'd been right there at my side pulling on my leg saying, " Here I am Mommy, here I am"....and I'd pretend I didn't hear or see him and repeat my question. He would jump up and down and keep telling me he was right there, and then I would act surprized and say, "OH THERE YOU ARE!!! I WAS SO WORRIED I COULDN'T FIND YOU AND NOW I'M SO HAPPY"! It seems like that was just yesterday......
As a teenager, he never went through the phase of being embarassed to be seen with his mom, or to have his mom hug and kiss him when his friends were around. He has proudly told his friends his whole life, that he loves his mom, and you know as a mother, what that did/does to me!
I am counting the days until Family Day and Graduation at Fort Benning arrive. I haven't seen my boy since last Christmas, and I'm sure I'll need plenty of kleenex to get me through the ceremonies!
Have I mentioned that my children are my life, and how proud I am of each one of them? :)
Have a great day - enjoy your children, no matter what age they are; no matter what challenges you may have with them throughout their years - they are God's most precious gifts to us, and as a woman, I couldn't think of a higher honor to be given, than that of being a mom.
Spoil them with love.....the blessings you'll reap are limitless...


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Country*Road*Primitives said...

Janelle, I love your post... and I am very proud of your son, and all of our military men and women that are fighting for our country and our freedom. *sending you hugs* xox