Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You My Beautiful Children

Just when you think your children can't amaze you anymore than just being the most awesome adults you know, they go and do things that totally blow you out of the water!

Yesterday, I got a letter from my son Dude, who is in boot camp. Now I know that his first few weeks are VERY strenuous and he's probably far beyond worn out, but he took the time to make sure he let his mama know that he was thinking about her, and to tell her Happy 50th Birthday. It will be treasured and saved in my Bible forever.

Then today - I go check the mail, which is something Bill usually does when he gets home, and there along with all my other junk mail, was a small box that said Now I'm not thinking too clearly, because I'm thinking somebody's sending me junk mail to go to the Cayman Islands, which is spelled competely different, and is also not in my budget anytime in the near future!

I open this box, and inside are two cds - not junk cds - no.....there were two special cds that were from my Sarah and Jon. My "little girl" sent her mom two Bob Dylan cds that I didn't even know existed anymore, because they came out in about 83 - 84; Sarah was 4 and Dude 2 at the time. These cds were titled, "SAVED", and "SLOW TRAIN COMIN". Why are these so invaluable to me? Because when my kids were little, these were cassette tapes we'd taped off albums, and played CONTINUALLY in our home, our car....they were what helped get me through the death of my daddy.

It's no surprise to me that Sarah would think to send me something THAT special for my 50th birthday - remember, she lives in Spain, so just to get a Skype call from her would be special enough, but she reached WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY down into her mama's heart and brought back some of the most precious memories I have of hers and Dude's childhood.

To those of you with young children still at home - it's those little things that you never think they'll remember that come back to you later in life, JUST when you need it the most! Cherish EVERY minute with your children, because it's really true what you hear all of us who have grown children say - in the blink of an eye, they are grown and gone - but they are never far, they are always so close in our hearts...

THANK YOU MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN FOR MAKING YOUR MAMA FEEL SOOOOOO VERY LOVED AND SO SPECIAL! I love you both so very much, and miss you terribly, but I feel you both in my heart so strong right now, that all I can do is cry that I was chosen by the Lord to be your mom - it's so humbling to have children grow up to be the kind of adults you are, and I pray that he gives you each a child as wonderful as beautiful as each of you are to me.

xoxoxoxo Mom

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