Monday, September 29, 2008

Handsewn Wool Handbag Now Available

So I was sitting there watching tv with the hubby the other night, and most of you who know me, know that it's hard for me to NOT be doing something pretty much all the time, so I started by sewing two pieces of wool scraps together and decided it was too long and skinny for a penny rug, so I folded it in half, and immediately thought it would be the perfect size for a little handbag to take when running errands or whatever - you know, those times when you just do NOT want to lug around a big bag?!

It's entirely handsewn, and is made from vintage wool blankets, and has a vintage button used for it's snap closure.

I've got it listed on Ebay, and started the opening bid at a low $9.99. I figure with the way the economy is right now, people aren't even going to LOOK at something that's way out of their budget, so we'll see how well it does on there.

There are photos on the listing of the front and back of the bag, which both have 3 pennies, photos of the lining, and the snap closure.
Go ahead, take a peek! :)

If it does well, I'll make more....



Cookie said...

I just popped in to tell you a couple of things - first of all, your profile pic is just the cutest lil pixie ever!

and also, I love everything you have up on ebay right now. Who knows what is selling on ebay these days, but you have covered so many different venues and here's hoping for a grand slam, sweets!

Lily said...

A darling little "ditty" bag, Janelle. Great idea using penny stacks. hugs, Lily...